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Tesla X Price

Tesla X Price

The Tesla Model X, launched in 2015, is an all-electric SUV designed and manufactured by Tesla, Inc. This sleek and powerful vehicle combines cutting-edge technology, impressive safety features, and a luxurious design. However, one of the primary considerations for prospective buyers is the price of the Tesla Model X.

Key Takeaways

  • The price of the Tesla Model X starts at $89,990 for the Long Range Plus version.
  • The Performance version of the Model X begins at $104,990.
  • Additional features and customizations can significantly increase the overall price.
  • Tesla offers various financing options to make the Model X more accessible to customers.

The **base price** of the Tesla Model X is **$89,990** for the Long Range Plus version. This variant offers an impressive range of **371 miles** on a single charge, making it ideal for long trips. For those seeking even more power and speed, the Performance version of the Model X starts at **$104,990**. This variant boasts an exhilarating acceleration, reaching 0-60 mph in just **2.6 seconds**, while still providing a range of **341 miles**.

*The Tesla Model X stands out from its competitors with its innovative features and advanced technologies. With its signature Falcon Wing doors, which provide convenient access to both the front and rear seats, the Model X offers unmatched convenience and style. Its panoramic windshield delivers an expansive view of the surroundings, adding to the overall driving experience.*

Comparative Table: Tesla Model X Prices

Long Range Plus
371 miles
341 miles

While the base prices of the Tesla Model X provide a starting point, it’s essential to consider additional features and customizations. These can significantly impact the final price of the vehicle. *Tesla offers various options, such as choosing from different interior finishes, adding Autopilot functionality, upgrading the sound system, and more.* By personalizing the Model X to your preferences, the price can rise accordingly.

Important Features and Customization Options

  • Autopilot: A suite of advanced driver assistance features for enhanced safety and convenience.
  • Fully Self-Driving: Enables the vehicle to navigate on its own, following traffic lights, changing lanes, and parking.
  • Interior Upgrades: Choose premium materials, interior color schemes, and other options to create a personalized cabin.
  • Audio: Select from various high-quality sound systems for an immersive audio experience.

Comparative Table: Customization Options

Customization Option
Additional Price
Fully Self-Driving
Interior Upgrades
Audio Upgrades

It’s worth mentioning that Tesla provides various financing options to make owning a Model X more accessible. Whether through traditional auto loans, leasing, or Tesla’s unique financing programs, customers can find a payment plan that suits their needs. Tesla’s commitment to sustainable energy and innovation extends to affordability and accessibility, making the Model X an attractive option for environmentally conscious individuals.

*The Tesla Model X embodies the future of transportation, combining elegance, safety, and eco-friendliness in an unparalleled package. With its remarkable range, impressive acceleration, and advanced features, the Model X continues to revolutionize the electric vehicle market. Experience the thrill of electric driving and contribute to a sustainable future with the Tesla Model X.*


  • The Tesla Model X starts at $89,990 and offers a range of up to 371 miles.
  • Additional features and customizations can increase the overall price significantly.
  • Tesla provides financing options to make the Model X more accessible.

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Tesla X Price

Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: Tesla X is too expensive

One common misconception about the Tesla X is that it is an overly expensive car, reserved only for the wealthy. However, this is not entirely accurate. While it is true that Tesla X models tend to have a higher price tag compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, there are various factors to consider.

  • Tesla X offers long-term savings due to lower operating costs
  • The federal tax credit can significantly lower the purchase price
  • Tesla provides financing options to make the vehicle more affordable

Misconception 2: Maintenance and repairs are costly

Another misconception is that the maintenance and repair costs for Tesla X are exorbitant. Although electric vehicles may have different maintenance requirements compared to internal combustion engine cars, Tesla has built a reputation for providing excellent service and reliable vehicles.

  • Tesla provides warranty coverage for a certain period, reducing repair costs
  • Owning an electric vehicle generally entails lower maintenance expenses
  • Online software updates help improve performance and address issues without extra costs

Misconception 3: Charging infrastructure is limited

There is often a misconception that charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, including the Tesla X, is insufficient. However, over the years, charging networks have expanded rapidly, making it increasingly convenient to charge an electric vehicle at various locations.

  • Supercharger network provides fast charging options along major travel routes
  • Various charging networks are now available, including public charging stations and at-home installations
  • Charging infrastructure continues to grow in response to the increasing popularity of electric vehicles

Misconception 4: Electric vehicles lack performance

Some people believe that electric vehicles, including the Tesla X, lack the performance and acceleration capabilities of traditional gasoline-powered cars. This misconception stems from outdated perceptions and is not applicable to modern electric vehicles.

  • Electric vehicles offer instant torque, resulting in impressive acceleration
  • Most electric vehicles, including the Tesla X, have high top speeds
  • The Tesla X has an efficient powertrain design that enhances performance

Misconception 5: Electric vehicles have limited range

Another common misconception is that electric vehicles have limited driving range, making them impractical for long-distance journeys. However, significant advancements in battery technology have greatly improved the driving range of electric vehicles, including the Tesla X.

  • Tesla X has a long-range capability, varying based on model and battery configuration
  • Supercharger network allows for convenient long-distance travel
  • Increasing number of charging stations provide ample opportunities to recharge during long trips

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Tesla X Price Across Different Variants

The Tesla X is available in various configurations, each varying in features and price. This table provides an overview of the prices for each variant as of the current year.

Variant Price(in USD)
Long Range 83,190
Plaid 119,990
Plaid+ 139,990

Tesla X Price vs. Comparable Electric SUVs

When considering purchasing a Tesla X, it’s insightful to compare its price with other electric SUVs in the market. The table below shows the price difference between the Tesla X and its closest competitors.

Electric SUV Price(in USD) Price Difference(vs. Tesla X)
Audi e-tron 65,900 -17,790
Jaguar I-Pace 69,850 -13,340
Mercedes-Benz EQC 67,900 -15,290

Tesla X Price Over Time

Understanding the price fluctuations of the Tesla X over time provides valuable insights into the market trends. The table below outlines the price changes across different years.

Year Average Price(in USD)
2017 85,500
2018 82,000
2019 79,990
2020 83,190

Tesla X Price Comparison by Geographic Region

Price disparities may exist based on various geographical factors. This table highlights the differences in Tesla X pricing among different regions.

Region Average Price(in USD)
North America 83,190
Europe 87,500
Asia 91,200

Tesla X Price and Performance Comparison

Examining the relationship between performance and price among different Tesla X variants can help potential buyers make more informed decisions. This table compares the price and key performance factors of each variant.

Variant Price(in USD) 0-60 mph(seconds) Top Speed(mph)
Long Range 83,190 3.6 155
Plaid 119,990 2.5 163
Plaid+ 139,990 2.0 200+

Tesla X Price and Energy Efficiency

Considering the relationship between price and energy efficiency is crucial while assessing the long-term cost savings associated with owning a Tesla X. This table demonstrates the energy efficiency ratings and corresponding prices.

Variant Price(in USD) MPGe(City) MPGe(Highway)
Long Range 83,190 93 100
Plaid 119,990 66 72
Plaid+ 139,990 65 68

Tesla X Price and Autopilot Features

Autopilot capabilities tend to vary across different Tesla X models, and this can potentially influence their respective prices. This table exemplifies the relation between price and Autopilot features.

Variant Price(in USD) Autopilot Features
Long Range 83,190 Standard Autopilot
Plaid 119,990 Full Self-Driving Capability
Plaid+ 139,990 Full Self-Driving Capability

Tesla X Price vs. Gasoline SUVs

Comparing the price of the Tesla X with traditional gasoline-powered SUVs showcases the potential financial advantages of switching to an electric vehicle. The table below highlights the price discrepancy between Tesla X and gasoline SUVs in a similar range.

Gasoline SUV Price(in USD) Price Difference(vs. Tesla X)
Audi Q7 54,950 -28,240
Mercedes-Benz GLE 61,750 -21,440
BMW X5 60,700 -22,490

Tesla X Price and Available Incentives

Incentives and rebates can significantly reduce the effective price of the Tesla X. This table showcases some incentives available for buyers of the Tesla X to highlight potential savings.

Incentive Amount(in USD)
Federal Tax Credit 7,500
State Rebate Varies by state
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Credit 30% of cost

Overall, understanding the pricing details of the Tesla X can greatly assist potential buyers in making an informed decision. From comparing prices between different variants and competitors to analyzing market trends and available incentives, this information empowers individuals to evaluate and choose the Tesla X variant that best aligns with their preferences and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Tesla Model X?

The price of Tesla Model X starts at $79,990 for the base trim level, known as the Long Range Plus. However, the price can increase depending on the chosen options and upgrades.

What are the available trim levels for Tesla Model X?

Tesla Model X is currently available in two trim levels: the Long Range Plus and the Performance. The Long Range Plus offers a balance between range and performance, while the Performance trim focuses on delivering exhilarating acceleration and sporty features.

Does the price of Tesla Model X include tax credits or incentives?

No, the price of Tesla Model X does not include tax credits or incentives. These vary based on location and the customer’s eligibility. It is recommended to consult with a Tesla representative or refer to local regulations to determine the potential tax credits or incentives available in a specific area.

What are the options and upgrades available for Tesla Model X?

Tesla Model X offers a range of options and upgrades, including enhanced Autopilot, Full Self-Driving Capability, various wheel designs, premium interior package, additional seating options, custom paint colors, and upgraded audio systems. These options and upgrades can be selected to personalize the vehicle according to the customer’s preferences.

Is there a warranty for Tesla Model X?

Yes, Tesla Model X comes with a limited warranty. The vehicle has a 4-year or 50,000-mile basic vehicle warranty, whichever comes first. Additionally, the battery and drive unit are covered by an 8-year or 120,000-mile warranty, depending on the first applicable event.

What is the range of Tesla Model X?

The range of Tesla Model X varies based on the trim level and options chosen. The Long Range Plus trim offers an estimated EPA range of up to 371 miles, while the Performance trim provides an estimated EPA range of up to 341 miles. Actual range can be affected by factors such as driving conditions, weather, and vehicle maintenance.

How long does it take to charge Tesla Model X?

The charging time for Tesla Model X depends on the charging method and the available charging infrastructure. When using a Tesla Supercharger, the vehicle can charge significantly faster compared to standard home charging stations. The exact charging time can also vary based on the battery level at the beginning of charging and other factors.

What safety features does Tesla Model X have?

Tesla Model X is equipped with numerous safety features, including Autopilot driver assistance system, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and side collision warning. These features enhance the overall safety of the vehicle and help in avoiding potential accidents.

Can Tesla Model X tow trailers or carry additional cargo?

Yes, Tesla Model X has the capability to tow trailers. The exact towing capacity varies depending on the configuration and options chosen. Additionally, Model X also offers ample cargo space with a front trunk (frunk) and a rear cargo area, allowing for additional storage and transport options.

Is there a waiting list for Tesla Model X?

As of our knowledge, there is no official waiting list for Tesla Model X. However, availability may vary based on production and demand. It is recommended to check with local Tesla dealerships or the official Tesla website for the most up-to-date information regarding availability and ordering.