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Tesla Motors Parts Catalog

Tesla Motors, widely known for its innovative electric vehicles, offers a comprehensive parts catalogue for its customers. Whether you need replacement parts or accessories to enhance your Tesla driving experience, the Tesla Motors Parts Catalog has got you covered. This article will explore the key features and benefits of the Tesla Motors Parts Catalog, providing valuable insights to help Tesla owners maintain and personalize their vehicles.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Tesla Motors Parts Catalog offers a wide range of replacement parts and accessories for Tesla vehicles.
  • Customers can easily purchase parts directly from Tesla’s official website.
  • Original Tesla parts ensure compatibility and maintain the performance of your vehicle.
  • The catalog allows Tesla owners to personalize and upgrade their vehicles according to their preferences.

Wide Range of Parts and Accessories

The Tesla Motors Parts Catalog boasts an extensive selection of parts and accessories, catering to various needs and preferences. From essential components like batteries and drivetrain parts to aesthetic upgrades such as carbon fiber spoilers and chrome delete kits, the catalog offers a diverse range of products to enhance your Tesla.

With the Tesla Motors Parts Catalog, you can find everything you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly and looking stylish.

Ease of Purchasing

Buying parts from the Tesla Motors Parts Catalog is incredibly convenient. You can easily navigate through the online catalog on Tesla’s official website and add the desired parts to your shopping cart. Once you have selected all the items you need, you can proceed to the checkout and complete your purchase in just a few simple steps.

No need to visit different stores or dealerships; everything you need is just a few clicks away.

Original Tesla Parts

When it comes to replacing components in your Tesla, using genuine Tesla parts is crucial. The Tesla Motors Parts Catalog provides authentic parts made specifically for Tesla vehicles, ensuring proper compatibility and optimal performance. By choosing original Tesla parts, you can maintain the integrity of your vehicle and extend its lifespan.

Original Tesla parts guarantee the quality and reliability you expect from the brand.

Personalization and Upgrades

The Tesla Motors Parts Catalog not only offers replacement parts but also provides a fantastic opportunity to personalize and upgrade your vehicle. Whether you want to add new interior features, change the exterior appearance, or enhance the charging capabilities, the catalog has various options to suit your preferences.

With the Tesla Motors Parts Catalog, you can make your Tesla truly yours by customizing it to reflect your unique style.

Data and Information Tables

Table 1: Popular Tesla Parts
Batteries Tire Sets Brake Rotors
Rearview Cameras Windshield Wipers Headlights
Charging Cables Wheel Caps Floor Mats
Table 2: Benefits of Original Tesla Parts
Ensures compatibility and performance
Longevity and reliability
Preserves vehicle warranty
Support from Tesla service centers
Table 3: Top Tesla Accessories
Carbon Fiber Spoilers Performance Wheels Wireless Chargers
All-Weather Floor Mats Premium Audio Upgrades Center Console Organizers
Custom Paint Protection Films Key Fob Covers Tesla-branded Apparel


With its wide selection of parts and accessories, the Tesla Motors Parts Catalog offers Tesla owners a convenient and reliable way to maintain and personalize their vehicles. By utilizing original Tesla parts, you ensure compatibility and optimal performance, while the ability to customize your Tesla allows you to make it truly yours. Explore the Tesla Motors Parts Catalog today and elevate your Tesla experience.

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Tesla Motors Parts Catalog

Common Misconceptions

Electric Cars are Slow:

  • Tesla’s Model S Plaid can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds.
  • The Tesla Roadster, set to launch in 2022, will be the fastest production car with a top speed of over 250 mph.
  • Tesla’s cars are known for their instant torque, providing unparalleled acceleration.

Electric Cars Have Limited Range:

  • Tesla’s Model S Long Range Plus can travel up to 402 miles on a single charge.
  • Supercharger stations are strategically located worldwide, allowing for convenient long-distance travel.
  • Tesla’s vehicles also come with built-in navigation systems that help optimize routes and minimize energy usage.

Electric Cars are Expensive:

  • While the initial cost may be higher, electric cars can save money in the long run due to lower maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Tesla offers various financing options and incentives to help make their vehicles more affordable.
  • In some regions, electric car owners can also benefit from tax credits and reduced insurance rates.

Electric Cars are Less Convenient:

  • Charging stations continue to expand, making it easier to find a charging point wherever you go.
  • Home chargers allow for overnight charging, eliminating the need to visit a public station frequently.
  • Tesla’s Supercharger network allows for faster charging times, often providing enough charge for hours of driving in just minutes.

Electric Cars Are Less Safe:

  • Tesla vehicles have consistently received top safety ratings and are known for their advanced safety features.
  • Electric cars have a lower risk of catching fire compared to internal combustion engines.
  • Tesla’s Autopilot system provides extra safety features, such as lane-keeping assist and emergency braking.

Image of Tesla Motors Parts Catalog

Tesla Model S Battery Life Expectancy

The table below displays the average battery life expectancy of Tesla Model S vehicles based on real-world data and customer reviews. This information can help potential buyers better understand the longevity of the vehicle’s battery before considering a purchase.

Model Year Average Battery Life (miles)
2013 230,000
2014 250,000
2015 270,000
2016 300,000

Top 5 Tesla Model 3 Accessories

These are the top five accessories that Tesla Model 3 owners find most useful and enhance their driving experience. These accessories can help protect the vehicle, improve convenience, and offer additional features.

Accessory Description
Tesla Wireless Phone Charger Allows for easy wireless charging of compatible smartphones while driving.
All-Weather Floor Mats Protects the vehicle’s interior from dirt, spills, and wear caused by various weather conditions.
Center Console Wrap Gives the center console an elegant and scratch-resistant finish, enhancing the vehicle’s interior aesthetics.
Frunk Cooler Bag Transforms the vehicle’s front trunk into a portable cooler to keep drinks and snacks cold on road trips.
USB Hub Expands the number of USB ports available in the vehicle, allowing for multiple device connections simultaneously.

Tesla Supercharger Network Statistics

The following table presents interesting statistics about Tesla’s Supercharger Network, which provides high-speed charging stations to Tesla vehicle owners for convenient long-distance travel.

Supercharger Region Total Stations Total Chargers Total Charging Stalls
North America 735 5,820 22,900
Europe 650 5,880 22,100
Asia-Pacific 246 1,923 7,900

Tesla Vehicle Range Comparison

This table compares the range of various Tesla vehicle models, providing potential buyers with a clear understanding of the mileage capabilities of each model.

Tesla Model Range (miles)
Tesla Model S Long Range 405
Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus 263
Tesla Model X Long Range 371
Tesla Model Y Performance 303

Tesla Model X Safety Ratings

The safety ratings table presents the overall safety score of the Tesla Model X, assessed by reliable sources such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Safety Category NHTSA Rating IIHS Rating
Crashworthiness 5 stars Good
Crash Avoidance & Mitigation 5 stars Superior
Child Seat Anchors 4 stars Acceptable
Overall Safety Rating 5 stars Good

Tesla Autopilot Software Versions

This table showcases the different versions of Tesla’s Autopilot software, highlighting the evolution of autonomous driving capabilities in Tesla vehicles.

Autopilot Version Introduced Main Features
Autopilot 1.0 2014 Traffic-aware cruise control, Autosteer, Auto Lane Change
Autopilot 2.0 2016 Enhanced Autosteer, Summon, Autopark, Traffic Light Recognition
Autopilot 2.5 2017 Continued improvements to Autosteer and other Autopilot features
Autopilot 3.0 2019 Full Self-Driving (FSD) computer, enhanced performance and safety features

Tesla Vehicle Production Timeline

This table showcases the timeline of Tesla’s vehicle production, highlighting significant milestones and the number of vehicles produced in each year.

Year Number of Vehicles Produced
2008 0
2009 0
2010 1,000
2011 2,250
2012 2,650
2013 22,477
2014 35,000
2015 50,580
2016 83,922
2017 101,312

Tesla Model S Price Evolution

This table demonstrates the price evolution of the Tesla Model S from its initial release to recent years, giving potential buyers insight into the pricing history of the vehicle.

Model Year Starting Price (USD)
2012 $57,400
2014 $69,900
2016 $66,000
2018 $76,000
2020 $79,990


The Tesla Motors Parts Catalog article provides valuable information about various aspects of Tesla vehicles. By analyzing battery life expectations, accessories, charging infrastructure, safety ratings, Autopilot advancements, production history, vehicle range, and price evolution, readers can gain a comprehensive understanding of Tesla’s offerings. Whether someone is a potential buyer, an owner, or simply interested in electric vehicles, these tables offer fascinating insights into the world of Tesla motors.

Tesla Motors Parts Catalog

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase Tesla parts online?

Yes, Tesla has an online parts catalog where you can purchase genuine Tesla parts and accessories.

How do I find the specific part I need?

You can use the search function provided on the Tesla parts catalog website to search for the specific part by name, category, or vehicle model.

Are Tesla parts expensive?

As with any brand, the price of Tesla parts can vary depending on the specific part and its complexity. However, Tesla aims to provide competitive pricing for its parts.

Can I install Tesla parts myself?

In some cases, yes. Tesla provides detailed installation instructions for many parts on its website. However, for more complex parts and installations, it is recommended to consult a certified Tesla service center.

Do Tesla parts come with a warranty?

Yes, Tesla parts purchased through the official parts catalog come with a limited warranty. The warranty details may vary depending on the specific part, so it’s important to review the warranty information provided with your purchase.

Are Tesla parts compatible with all Tesla models?

No, Tesla parts are designed specifically for the intended model(s) and may not be compatible with all Tesla vehicles. It’s important to ensure that the part you are purchasing is compatible with your specific vehicle model.

How long does it typically take to receive ordered parts?

The delivery time for Tesla parts can vary depending on the availability of the part and your location. Typically, orders are processed and shipped within a few business days, and the estimated delivery time will be provided at the time of purchase.

Can I return or exchange purchased Tesla parts?

Yes, Tesla accepts returns and exchanges for eligible parts within a specified period. The return policy details can be found on the Tesla parts catalog website, and it’s recommended to review this information before making a purchase.

Can I find refurbished or used Tesla parts in the catalog?

Tesla’s official parts catalog primarily offers new genuine Tesla parts. However, occasionally there may be refurbished or used parts available for purchase, depending on availability.

What should I do if I cannot find the part I need in the catalog?

If you cannot find the specific part you need in the Tesla parts catalog, it is recommended to reach out to a Tesla service center or contact Tesla’s customer support for further assistance.