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Tesla Model X Trunk

Tesla Model X Trunk

The trunk space in the Tesla Model X is one of its standout features. With its unique design and innovative features, the Model X offers a spacious and versatile trunk that is perfect for all your storage needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Tesla Model X trunk is known for its spaciousness and versatility.
  • The trunk design allows for easy access and convenient loading and unloading.
  • With an optional third row of seating, the Model X can accommodate more passengers and still provide ample trunk space.

One of the main highlights of the Tesla Model X is its impressive trunk space. The innovative design of the Model X allows for a spacious and versatile storage area that can easily accommodate all your belongings. Whether you’re going on a road trip, grocery shopping, or need to transport larger items, the Model X trunk has got you covered.

With a total of 88.1 cubic feet of cargo space, the Model X offers ample room for your belongings.

Trunk Design and Features

The Tesla Model X trunk comes with a range of features that enhance its functionality and ease of use. The unique falcon-wing doors provide easy access to the trunk and can be opened even in tight parking spaces. The powered liftgate makes loading and unloading your items a breeze, while the flat floor design ensures that you can utilize the entire trunk space efficiently.

One interesting feature of the Model X trunk is the hidden compartment underneath the trunk floor, providing additional storage options.

Table 1: Comparison of Trunk Capacities

Model Trunk Capacity
Tesla Model X 88.1 cubic feet
Tesla Model S 15.4 cubic feet
BMW X5 33.9 cubic feet
Mercedes-Benz GLE 38.2 cubic feet

The Model X trunk design also allows for the optional third row of seating, which can be folded down when not in use to provide more storage space. This flexibility makes it convenient for families or those who frequently travel with a larger group of people.

Table 2: Comparison of Trunk Configurations

Model Seating Capacity Trunk Configuration
Tesla Model X (Standard) 5 88.1 cubic feet trunk space
Tesla Model X (Optional 3rd Row) 7 13.7 cubic feet trunk space (with all seats up)

Did you know that the Model X allows for various trunk configurations, depending on your seating needs?

In addition to its impressive trunk space, the Model X also offers convenient storage solutions within the trunk compartment. The trunk comes equipped with hooks, straps, and a removable parcel shelf that can be used to secure your items and prevent them from moving around during the journey.

Table 3: Storage Options

Storage Solution Features
Hooks Secures bags and other items vertically to maximize space
Straps Secures larger items horizontally to prevent movement during transit
Removable Parcel Shelf Provides an additional level of storage and can be easily adjusted or removed

With these storage solutions, you can keep your belongings organized and secure while on the move.

The Tesla Model X trunk sets itself apart from other SUVs in its class with its spaciousness, convenience, and innovative design. Whether you’re in need of extra space for luggage, groceries, or larger items, the Model X trunk delivers both functionality and versatility.

Experience the incredible capacity of the Model X trunk for yourself and see how it can elevate your driving experience. With its impressive storage solutions and ample space, the Tesla Model X is the perfect choice for individuals and families alike.

Image of Tesla Model X Trunk

Common Misconceptions

Trunk Size

One common misconception about the Tesla Model X is that its trunk is too small to hold all of your belongings. However, the Tesla Model X actually has a spacious trunk that provides ample storage space.

  • The Model X’s trunk has a capacity of up to 88 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded down.
  • It can easily accommodate large suitcases, sports equipment, and even bicycles.
  • The Model X also has a front trunk (frunk) for additional storage.


Another misconception is that accessing the trunk of the Tesla Model X is complicated or inconvenient. On the contrary, the Model X offers convenient accessibility options.

  • The Model X has a power liftgate that opens and closes with a simple push of a button.
  • It also features a smart opening sensor, which automatically opens the trunk when you approach it with the key fob.
  • Additionally, the Model X has a low loading floor, making it easy to load and unload heavy items.


Some people mistakenly believe that the trunk of the Tesla Model X is not versatile enough to accommodate different types of cargo. However, the trunk of the Model X offers flexibility for various storage needs.

  • The Model X has adjustable rear seats that can be folded down to create a flat loading floor.
  • You can configure the seating arrangement to accommodate both passengers and large or oddly shaped items.
  • The Model X also provides multiple storage compartments and organizers to keep your belongings secure and organized.

Range Impact

A common misconception is that using the trunk of the Tesla Model X extensively will significantly impact its electric range. However, the Model X is designed to minimize any range impact.

  • The Model X’s trunk is aerodynamically designed to minimize drag and optimize efficiency.
  • The advanced battery technology of the Model X ensures efficient energy usage, allowing you to utilize the trunk while maintaining a good range.
  • Tesla’s regenerative braking system helps to recharge the battery while driving, further mitigating range concerns.


Another misconception is that the trunk of the Tesla Model X may not be secure enough to protect your belongings. However, the Model X incorporates advanced security features to ensure the safety of your stored items.

  • The Model X is equipped with an advanced alarm system that detects any unauthorized entry into the trunk.
  • Additionally, the Tesla mobile app provides real-time notifications and allows you to monitor and control the trunk remotely.
  • You can also enable Valet Mode, which limits access to certain features of the car, including the trunk, when others are handling your vehicle.
Image of Tesla Model X Trunk

Tesla Model X Trunk Dimensions and Features

The Tesla Model X is known for its impressive performance and sleek design. However, one of its standout features is its spacious and versatile trunk. Below, we delve into the details of the Model X trunk, showcasing its dimensions and unique characteristics.

Trunk Dimensions

The Model X offers a generous amount of cargo space, with various configurations to accommodate different needs. The following table highlights the dimensions of the trunk:

Trunk Configuration Dimensions (in)
Rear Seats Up 26.6 (H) x 41 (W) x 42.7 (D)
Rear Seats Folded 26.6 (H) x 81.9 (W) x 42.7 (D)
Front Trunk (Frunk) 7.1 (H) x 28.1 (W) x 25.7 (D)

Hidden Storage

The Model X also boasts convenient hidden storage compartments, adding an element of surprise to its trunk design. Discover some of the hidden storage features in the Model X:

Hidden Storage Feature Description
Cargo Bay Additional storage space located beneath the trunk floor
Front Trunk An extra storage area located in the front of the vehicle
Under Trunk Lid A concealed compartment behind the trunk’s interior panel

Automatic Liftgate

Convenience is key with the Model X, as it features an automatic liftgate that simplifies loading and unloading. The table below outlines the liftgate’s capabilities:

Liftgate Features Description
Power Liftgate Opens and closes remotely via the key fob or touchscreen
Adjustable Height Allows customization of liftgate opening height for easy access
Sensor Activation Automatically opens or closes upon detecting foot motion beneath rear bumper

Secure Storage

When it comes to keeping your belongings safe, the Model X offers some impressive security features. Learn about the secure storage options provided:

Secure Storage Feature Description
Anti-Theft Alarm An alarm system that activates if unauthorized access is detected
Sentry Mode Enables the vehicle’s cameras to record and notify you of potential threats
Pin to Drive An additional security measure requiring a unique PIN to operate the vehicle

Towing Capabilities

While renowned for its electric performance, the Model X also showcases exceptional towing capabilities. Take a look at what the Model X is capable of:

Trailer Type Towing Capacity (lbs)
Standard Trailer 5,000
Trailer with Upgrade Package Max of 3,500 (up to 10% grade)

Convenient Charging

The Model X offers various charging options to ensure your electric vehicle experience remains hassle-free. Here are the available charging configurations:

Charging Configuration Description
Home Charging Utilize a standard 120V or dedicated 240V outlet for convenient at-home charging
Tesla Supercharger Network Access fast-charging infrastructure across Tesla Supercharger stations
Destination Charging Charge your vehicle at various hotels, resorts, and other partner locations

Interior Storage Space

In addition to its impressive trunk space, the Model X encompasses various interior storage compartments for enhanced functionality. Discover the additional storage areas inside the vehicle:

Interior Storage Area Description
Glove Compartment An easily accessible storage compartment located on the passenger side
Center Console A spacious console featuring compartments, cup holders, and charging ports
Door Pockets Convenient pockets on each door for small item storage

Enhanced Trunk Organization

The Model X offers practical features for organizing your trunk space efficiently. Explore the enhanced trunk organization capabilities:

Organization Feature Description
Parcel Shelf A removable shelf providing a secondary storage area within the trunk
Backseat Storage Convenient pockets and storage compartments located on the back of rear seats
Adjustable Straps Flexible straps for secure transport of bulky or irregularly shaped items


The Tesla Model X trunk excels in both space and functionality, offering ample room for cargo and innovative features for convenience and security. With its impressive towing capabilities and convenient charging options, the Model X proves to be a versatile electric vehicle that meets the needs of modern drivers. Experience the Model X for yourself and discover the true potential of its trunk.

Tesla Model X Trunk – Frequently Asked Questions

Tesla Model X Trunk – Frequently Asked Questions

How much storage space does the Tesla Model X trunk offer?

The Tesla Model X trunk offers a total of 88 cubic feet of storage space when the second and third-row seats are folded down.

Can the Tesla Model X trunk accommodate large or bulky items?

Yes, the Tesla Model X trunk is designed to accommodate large or bulky items with ease. The spacious trunk can easily store items such as suitcases, strollers, golf clubs, and even bicycles.

Is the Tesla Model X trunk easily accessible?

Yes, the Tesla Model X trunk features a power liftgate that can be easily opened and closed with a simple press of a button. This makes accessing the trunk hassle-free, especially when your hands are full.

Can the Tesla Model X trunk be opened remotely?

Yes, the Tesla Model X trunk can be opened remotely using the Tesla mobile app. This feature allows you to conveniently open the trunk even when you are not near the vehicle.

Does the Tesla Model X trunk offer any additional storage compartments?

Yes, the Tesla Model X trunk includes additional storage compartments to help you keep your belongings organized. These compartments can be found under the trunk floor, providing extra space for smaller items.

Can the height of the Tesla Model X trunk be adjusted?

No, the height of the Tesla Model X trunk cannot be adjusted. However, the trunk opening is designed to be spacious enough to accommodate bulkier items without the need for adjusting the height.

Is the Tesla Model X trunk waterproof?

While the Tesla Model X trunk is not entirely waterproof, it is designed to withstand typical weather conditions. The trunk is equipped with a water-resistant seal and drains to prevent water from entering the storage area.

Does the Tesla Model X trunk offer any additional features?

Yes, the Tesla Model X trunk includes various additional features for added convenience. Some of these features include a cargo cover to protect your belongings from prying eyes, as well as hooks and loops to secure items in place during transit.

Can the Tesla Model X trunk be expanded with additional accessories?

Yes, the Tesla Model X trunk can be expanded with additional accessories such as roof racks or hitch-mounted cargo carriers. These accessories can provide extra storage space for larger items like kayaks, skis, or camping gear.

Are there any weight limitations for the Tesla Model X trunk?

Yes, while the exact weight limitations may vary depending on the specific model and configuration of the Tesla Model X, it is recommended to reference the vehicle’s owner’s manual for the most accurate weight limitations for the trunk and overall payload capacity.