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Tesla Model X MSRP

Tesla Model X MSRP

The Tesla Model X is an all-electric SUV produced by Tesla, Inc. It was first introduced in 2015 and quickly gained popularity for its unique design, cutting-edge technology, and impressive performance. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of the Tesla Model X MSRP.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tesla Model X is an all-electric SUV known for its innovative features and high-performance.
  • The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the Tesla Model X starts at $79,990.
  • Multiple factors, such as optional features and upgrades, can affect the final price.


The Tesla Model X MSRP starts at $79,990, making it a premium SUV in terms of pricing. However, this base price can be subject to change depending on the additional features and upgrades you choose. With its sleek design and advanced electric drivetrain, the Model X offers an unmatched driving experience. *Model X is equipped with Falcon Wing doors, allowing passengers to easily enter and exit the vehicle.*

Customization Options

Tesla offers various customization options for the Model X, allowing buyers to tailor the vehicle to their preferences. Optional features such as autopilot, larger battery capacity, premium interior finishes, and enhanced audio systems can significantly increase the price. *The Model X offers a Bio-Weapon Defense Mode to keep the cabin air clean and safe for occupants.*

Additionally, Tesla provides several upgrade options, like the Ludicrous Mode, which enhances the car’s acceleration performance. These upgrades can further add to the overall cost. *The Model X features a panoramic windshield that provides a stunning view of the surroundings.*

Tesla Model X MSRP by Trim Levels

Trim Level Starting MSRP
Long Range $79,990
Plaid $119,990

Additional Costs

  • Tesla vehicles may be eligible for federal tax credits or incentives, which can help offset the MSRP.
  • Delivery and documentation fees may vary based on location.
  • Additional costs associated with insurance, maintenance, and charging infrastructure should be considered.

Comparing Tesla Model X MSRP

Vehicle Starting MSRP Range 0-60 mph Time
Tesla Model X Long Range $79,990 360 miles 3.8 seconds
Tesla Model X Plaid $119,990 340 miles 2.5 seconds

When comparing the Tesla Model X Long Range and the Tesla Model X Plaid, it’s crucial to consider the performance capabilities and range differences. The Plaid trim offers faster acceleration with a 0-60 mph time of just 2.5 seconds. However, the Long Range trim provides a higher range of 360 miles in a single charge. *Tesla vehicles are continuously receiving software updates, unlocking new features and improving performance over time.*

Final Thoughts

The Tesla Model X MSRP starts at $79,990, and the actual price may vary depending on selected options and upgrades. It’s essential to carefully consider your customization choices and additional costs before making a purchase. With its impressive range and advanced features, the Model X offers a premium driving experience for eco-conscious consumers looking for a luxurious electric SUV.

Image of Tesla Model X MSRP

Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: Tesla Model X is too expensive for the average buyer

One common misconception about the Tesla Model X is that it is only affordable for the wealthy and not accessible to the average buyer. However, this is not entirely true.

  • There are various financing options available, including lease programs, which can make the Model X more affordable.
  • The long-term cost savings from lower fuel and maintenance expenses can offset the initial higher price.
  • Government incentives and tax credits on electric vehicles can significantly reduce the overall cost.

Misconception 2: Tesla Model X is not practical for everyday use

Another misconception surrounding the Tesla Model X is that it is not practical for everyday use due to limited range and charging infrastructure. However, this is not entirely accurate.

  • The Model X has a range of over 300 miles, which is more than sufficient for most daily commutes.
  • Tesla’s Supercharger network offers fast and convenient charging options, making long-distance travel feasible.
  • With the increasing availability of public charging stations, charging the Model X is becoming more convenient than ever.

Misconception 3: Tesla Model X is not safe

There is a misconception that electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model X, are not as safe as traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. However, this is far from the truth.

  • The Model X has received top safety ratings from multiple organizations, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • Its advanced autopilot features, such as emergency braking and collision avoidance, contribute to enhanced safety.
  • The Model X’s unique design, with a low center of gravity, reduces the risk of rollovers and enhances stability.

Misconception 4: Tesla Model X is not environmentally friendly

Some people believe that the Tesla Model X is not truly environmentally friendly because the production of electric vehicles still requires energy from non-renewable sources. However, this is a misperception.

  • While the manufacturing process of electric vehicles has an environmental impact, the overall lifecycle emissions of the Model X are significantly lower compared to traditional vehicles.
  • The increasing use of renewable energy sources for electricity production further reduces the carbon footprint of the Model X.
  • Driving an electric vehicle like the Model X helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels and decreases air pollution in urban areas.

Misconception 5: Tesla Model X requires expensive and specialized maintenance

It is often believed that owning a Tesla Model X comes with high maintenance costs and the need for specialized service centers. However, this is not entirely accurate.

  • The Model X has fewer moving parts compared to conventional vehicles, resulting in lower maintenance requirements and costs.
  • Tesla offers mobile service units that can provide convenient onsite repairs and maintenance, eliminating the need to visit a service center.
  • Tesla’s comprehensive warranty and service plans offer peace of mind and extensive coverage for maintenance needs.
Image of Tesla Model X MSRP

Tesla Model X Pricing

The table below showcases the different pricing options available for the Tesla Model X, including base price, additional features, and the total price.

Model X Version Base Price (USD) Additional Features Total Price (USD)
Model X Standard Range $89,990 Downgraded range and basic features $89,990
Model X Long Range $99,990 Increased range and advanced safety features $109,990
Model X Plaid $119,990 Enhanced performance and luxury features $139,990

Tesla Model X Charging Time

The following table provides details regarding the charging time of the Tesla Model X depending on the charging method used.

Charging Method Time to Charge (0-100%)
Tesla Supercharger V3 15 minutes
Tesla Supercharger V2 40 minutes
Home Charger (240V) 8 hours

Tesla Model X Performance

Explore the astonishing performance capabilities of the Tesla Model X with the following table depicting acceleration and top speed.

Model X Version 0-60 mph Time (seconds) Top Speed (mph)
Model X Standard Range 4.6 155
Model X Long Range 3.8 163
Model X Plaid 2.5 163

Tesla Model X Seating Capacity

Discover the seating capacity options available in the Tesla Model X, ensuring comfort and space for all passengers.

Model X Version Seating Capacity
Model X Standard Range 5
Model X Long Range 5
Model X Plaid 7

Tesla Model X Cargo Capacity

Explore the ample cargo space available in the Tesla Model X for all your storage needs.

Model X Version Front Trunk (cu ft) Rear Trunk (cu ft) Total Cargo Capacity (cu ft)
Model X Standard Range 7 66 73
Model X Long Range 7 66 73
Model X Plaid 7 66 73

Tesla Model X Range

Discover the impressive range of the Tesla Model X for worry-free long-distance travel without frequent charging.

Model X Version EPA Estimated Range (miles)
Model X Standard Range 300
Model X Long Range 370
Model X Plaid 340

Tesla Model X Autopilot

Learn about the advanced Autopilot features available with the Tesla Model X, providing enhanced safety and convenience.

Model X Version Autopilot Features
Model X Standard Range Basic Autopilot
Model X Long Range Enhanced Autopilot
Model X Plaid Full Self-Driving

Tesla Model X Warranty

Discover the warranty coverage provided by Tesla for the Model X, ensuring peace of mind for owners.

Model X Warranty Duration Mileage
Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty 4 years 50,000 miles
Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty 8 years 150,000 miles

Tesla Model X Safety

The following table highlights the top safety features implemented in the Tesla Model X.

Model X Safety Features Notable Technologies
Active Safety Autopilot, Collision Avoidance Assist, Emergency Braking
Passive Safety High-strength architecture, Rollover Protection, Advanced Airbag System

The Tesla Model X offers a range of pricing options tailored to various budgets and preferences. With advanced features such as Autopilot, impressive acceleration, generous seating and cargo capacity, and a strong focus on safety, the Model X stands at the forefront of electric SUVs. Whether you seek a more affordable choice or desire the utmost luxury and performance, Tesla has designed the Model X to cater to your needs.

Tesla Model X MSRP | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

MSRP of the Tesla Model X

What is the MSRP of the Tesla Model X?

The base price, or Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), of the Tesla Model X starts at $79,990.

Additional Options and Packages

What are the additional options and packages available for the Tesla Model X?

Tesla offers various options and packages for the Model X, including the Long Range Plus, Performance, and Plaid trims, as well as additional upgrades like Full Self-Driving capability, premium interior packages, and different wheel and tire options.

Additional Fees and Charges

Are there any additional fees or charges apart from the MSRP?

In addition to the base MSRP, customers may have to pay additional fees and charges such as destination fees, sales tax, registration fees, and any applicable dealer fees or accessories.

Federal and State Incentives

Does the MSRP include federal or state incentives?

No, the MSRP does not include any federal or state incentives. Electric vehicle incentives are typically separate and can vary based on location and eligibility. It is advisable to check with local authorities or Tesla for more information on available incentives and rebates.

Changes in MSRP

Can the MSRP change over time?

Yes, the MSRP of the Tesla Model X can change over time due to various factors such as updates in features, technology, or market conditions. It is recommended to check the official Tesla website or contact a Tesla representative for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Negotiating MSRP

Can I negotiate the MSRP of a Tesla Model X?

Tesla generally follows a no-haggle pricing policy, which means the MSRP is set and non-negotiable. However, there may be other incentives or discounts available at different times, so it’s worth checking Tesla’s official website or contacting a local Tesla store for more information.

Financing and Leasing

Are there any financing or leasing options available for the Tesla Model X?

Yes, Tesla offers financing and leasing options for the Model X in partnership with various financial institutions. Customers can explore these options on Tesla’s official website or by contacting a Tesla representative.


Can I pre-order a Tesla Model X before it becomes available?

Yes, Tesla allows customers to place pre-orders for upcoming models. However, availability and specific details regarding pre-orders can vary. It is recommended to visit the official Tesla website or contact a Tesla representative for the latest information on pre-ordering the Model X.

Warranty Coverage

What warranty coverage is provided with the Tesla Model X?

Tesla provides a limited warranty for its vehicles, including the Model X. The warranty typically covers four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, for the vehicle as a whole, and eight years or infinite miles for the battery and drive unit, depending on the specific terms and conditions outlined by Tesla.

Further Information

Where can I find more information about the Tesla Model X MSRP and specifications?

For more detailed information about the Tesla Model X MSRP, specifications, and available options, you can visit the official Tesla website. They provide comprehensive details, configure options, and frequently update the information on their website.