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Tesla Model S Trunk

Tesla Model S Trunk

The Tesla Model S is a popular electric car known for its impressive performance and advanced features. One of the standout features of the Model S is its spacious trunk, which offers ample storage capacity for both everyday use and extended trips. Whether you’re going grocery shopping, packing for a weekend getaway, or simply need extra storage space, the Model S trunk has got you covered.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Tesla Model S trunk provides ample storage capacity for various needs.
  • It is designed with convenience and versatility in mind.
  • The trunk’s power liftgate and optional third-row seats further enhance its functionality.

The **Model S trunk** offers a generous 26.3 cubic feet of cargo space, making it one of the most spacious trunks in its class. This allows you to easily accommodate large items such as suitcases, sports equipment, or even a stroller. With the rear seats folded down, the cargo space expands to an impressive 58.1 cubic feet, giving you even more room to transport larger items.

*Thanks to its all-electric design*, the Model S has a unique advantage over traditional gasoline-powered cars when it comes to trunk space. The absence of a bulky engine and gas tank allows for a more efficient use of space, ensuring maximum storage capacity for your belongings.

Convenient Features

The Tesla Model S trunk is not only spacious but also comes equipped with several convenient features. The power liftgate allows for easy opening and closing of the trunk, providing a hands-free experience when your hands are full. Additionally, the trunk is equipped with a retractable parcel shelf that can be adjusted in height, allowing you to customize the storage space to suit your needs.

Optional Third-Row Seats

For those who require additional seating capacity, the Model S offers an optional third row of seats. This feature allows you to comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers while still leaving some room in the trunk for smaller items. The third-row seats can be easily folded flat when not in use, transforming the trunk into a spacious cargo area without sacrificing passenger comfort.

Trunk Dimensions:

With Rear Seats Up With Rear Seats Folded
Trunk Space 26.3 cubic feet 58.1 cubic feet
Length 38.8 inches 66.3 inches
Width 41.3 inches 41.3 inches
Height 26.7 inches 26.7 inches

Benefits of the Model S Trunk:

  1. Amply accommodates large items.
  2. Efficient utilization of space due to the electric design.
  3. Convenient power liftgate for easy access.
  4. Adjustable parcel shelf for customizable storage.
  5. Option for additional third-row seating.
  6. Transforms into a spacious cargo area with folded seats.


The Tesla Model S trunk is a standout feature of this electric car, offering ample storage capacity and a range of convenient features. Whether you’re looking to transport large items or accommodate more passengers, the Model S trunk provides versatility and functionality. With its generous space and innovative design, the Model S trunk adds to the overall appeal of this premium electric vehicle.

Image of Tesla Model S Trunk

Tesla Model S Trunk

Tesla Model S Trunk

Common Misconceptions

One common misconception about the Tesla Model S trunk is that it lacks storage space.

  • By utilizing the frunk (front trunk) in addition to the rear trunk, the Model S provides ample storage for luggage and other belongings.
  • The rear trunk of the Model S is spacious and can easily fit multiple suitcases or larger items.
  • With the seats folded down, the trunk space can be further expanded, allowing for even more storage capacity.

Another misconception is that the Model S trunk lacks accessibility and convenience.

  • The rear trunk of the Model S comes with an automatic trunk opener that can be controlled through the key fob or the Tesla mobile app.
  • The trunk is equipped with adjustable height settings, allowing for easier loading and unloading of items.
  • Furthermore, the Model S offers a power liftgate, making it effortless to open and close the trunk with just a push of a button.

Some people assume that the Model S trunk compromises on safety.

  • Tesla vehicles, including the Model S, undergo rigorous crash testing and meet or exceed safety standards.
  • The trunk of the Model S is reinforced with high-strength materials to provide structural integrity and protection during accidents.
  • Moreover, the Model S includes various safety features such as advanced driver assistance systems and multiple airbags to ensure the safety of its occupants.

There is a misconception that the Model S trunk is not weatherproof or leak-resistant.

  • The trunk of the Model S is designed to be weatherproof, keeping your belongings protected from rain, snow, and other elements.
  • Sealing technologies are employed to prevent water leakage and maintain a dry storage compartment.
  • Additionally, the trunk features effective insulation, ensuring temperature control and preventing moisture buildup inside.

Finally, some people believe that the Tesla Model S trunk is limited in versatility.

  • The rear trunk of the Model S can be easily accessed with a large opening and a wide cargo area, allowing for convenient loading and unloading of bulky items.
  • By utilizing the foldable seats, the Model S transforms into a versatile cargo hauler, capable of accommodating longer or bulkier items.
  • This flexibility makes the Model S an excellent choice for road trips, shopping sprees, or any situation that requires versatile storage options.

Image of Tesla Model S Trunk


The Tesla Model S is an electric luxury sedan known for its innovation, performance, and sleek design. One standout feature of this iconic vehicle is its spacious trunk, offering ample cargo capacity to accommodate various needs. In this article, we will explore ten fascinating aspects of the Tesla Model S Trunk.

Trunk Size Comparison: Tesla Model S vs. Competitors

When it comes to trunk size, the Tesla Model S surpasses its competitors. See the comparison below:

Vehicle Trunk Size (cubic feet)
Tesla Model S 26.3
BMW 5 Series 18.7
Audi A7 24.9

Effortless Access: Power Liftgate

The Tesla Model S Trunk features a convenient power liftgate system, allowing users to effortlessly open and close the trunk with a push of a button.

Optimized Load Space: Frunk and Rear Trunk Combination

In addition to the rear trunk, the Tesla Model S also features a front trunk (frunk), adding extra storage capacity for belongings.

Hidden Storage: Underfloor Compartment

Beneath the trunk floor, Tesla Model S owners will find a hidden underfloor compartment for storing smaller items, providing additional storage options without sacrificing space.

Versatile Folding Seats: Expandable Cargo Area

The Tesla Model S offers versatile folding rear seats, enabling the expansion of the cargo area to accommodate larger items.

Luggage Capacity: Suitcases and Beyond

With its generous trunk size, the Tesla Model S can comfortably accommodate multiple suitcases and still leave room for additional cargo.

Low Load Height: Easy Loading and Unloading

The Tesla Model S Trunk boasts a low load height, making it easy to load and unload heavy items without strain.

Weather Protection: Trunk Water Seal

The trunk of the Tesla Model S is equipped with a water seal, ensuring that your belongings stay dry, even during inclement weather.

Organizational Systems: Trunk Dividers and Tie-Down Hooks

To enhance organization, the Tesla Model S Trunk features dividers and tie-down hooks, enabling you to separate and secure your items during transportation.

Enhanced Safety: Rear Crumple Zone

The rear trunk of the Tesla Model S acts as a reinforced crumple zone, providing enhanced safety in the event of a rear-end collision.


The Tesla Model S Trunk offers a combination of practicality, functionality, and thoughtful design. With its impressive cargo capacity, effortless access, hidden storage options, and various features, the Model S Trunk proves to be a standout element of this remarkable electric sedan. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip or simply running errands, the Tesla Model S Trunk provides the space and convenience to make your journeys as enjoyable as possible.


Tesla Model S Trunk – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Tesla Model S Trunk

What is the capacity of the Tesla Model S trunk?

The Tesla Model S trunk has a capacity of 26.3 cubic feet (740 liters) with the rear seats upright.

Can the Tesla Model S trunk be expanded?

The Tesla Model S trunk cannot be physically expanded, but the rear seats can be folded down to provide extra storage space.

How can I open the Tesla Model S trunk?

The Tesla Model S trunk can be opened in several ways:
1. Press the trunk button on the key fob.
2. Use the touchscreen controls on the center console.
3. Use the Tesla mobile app to remotely open the trunk.

Does the Tesla Model S trunk have a frunk?

Yes, the Tesla Model S has a front trunk, also known as a frunk, which provides additional storage space in the front of the vehicle.

Can I fit a golf bag in the Tesla Model S trunk?

Yes, the Tesla Model S trunk is spacious enough to accommodate a golf bag along with other items.

Are there any cargo accessories available for the Tesla Model S trunk?

Yes, Tesla offers various cargo accessories for the Model S trunk, such as cargo nets, organizers, and protective mats.

What is the weight limit for the Tesla Model S trunk?

The Tesla Model S trunk does not have a specified weight limit, but it is recommended to distribute the weight evenly and avoid overloading.

Can the Tesla Model S trunk be locked separately from the rest of the car?

No, the Tesla Model S trunk locks and unlocks along with the rest of the car using the central locking system.

Is the Tesla Model S trunk waterproof?

The Tesla Model S trunk is designed to be water-resistant, but it is not completely waterproof. It is recommended to avoid storing items that may be damaged by water without appropriate protection.

Does the Tesla Model S trunk have any specific safety features?

The Tesla Model S trunk is equipped with an emergency release handle, allowing occupants to open it from inside in case of entrapment. Additionally, the trunk is monitored by the vehicle’s security system.