Tesla Model 3 in Australia

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Tesla Model 3 in Australia

Tesla Model 3 in Australia

The Tesla Model 3, the highly anticipated electric car from Tesla, has finally arrived in Australia. As one of the most affordable models in Tesla’s lineup, the Model 3 is expected to revolutionize the electric vehicle market in the country. With its sleek design, impressive performance, and advanced technology, the Model 3 offers a compelling option for Australian drivers looking to make the switch to electric.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Tesla Model 3 has officially launched in Australia, bringing affordable electric transportation to the market.
  • The Model 3 offers impressive performance, with fast acceleration and a long electric range.
  • Australian drivers can choose from different trim levels and features to suit their preferences.
  • Tesla’s Supercharger network makes long-distance travel convenient for Model 3 owners.

The Tesla Model 3 is available in several different configurations in Australia, including the Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance models. The Standard Range Plus offers a range of *up to 490 kilometers*, while the Long Range model boasts a range of *up to 620 kilometers* on a single charge. The Performance model, on the other hand, features *impressive acceleration* and a top speed of *261 km/h*.

One of the standout features of the Model 3 is its Autopilot function, which allows the car to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically. While the Autopilot system is not fully autonomous and requires the driver’s attention, it adds an extra level of convenience and safety to the driving experience. *Imagine being able to sit back and relax while your car takes care of the driving*.

Supercharger Network

Tesla’s Supercharger network is an essential part of the Model 3 ownership experience. With the Supercharger network, Model 3 owners can easily access high-speed charging stations across Australia. These charging stations allow Model 3 owners to recharge their vehicles quickly, reducing the time spent waiting to continue their journey. With *over 30 Supercharger locations* in Australia and more being added regularly, the Supercharger network ensures that Model 3 owners can travel with confidence.

Model 3 Pricing

The pricing of the Tesla Model 3 varies depending on the chosen configuration. The Standard Range Plus model starts at *$A62,900*, while the Long Range model is priced from *$A77,900*. The Performance model, with its exhilarating acceleration and top speed, starts at *$A89,900*. These prices are for the base models, and additional features and options are available for customization. It’s important to note that these prices may vary based on any ongoing promotions or changes in the market.

Comparison Table

Tesla Model 3 Range Comparison
Model Range (km) Price (AUD)
Standard Range Plus 490 $62,900
Long Range 620 $77,900
Performance 594 $89,900


The arrival of the Tesla Model 3 in Australia marks a significant milestone in the country’s transition to electric vehicles. With its impressive performance, advanced technology, and extensive Supercharger network, the Model 3 offers a compelling option for Australian drivers. Whether you’re looking for a stylish and efficient daily commute or want a thrilling driving experience, the Model 3 has something to offer. Embrace the future of transportation with the Tesla Model 3.

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Common Misconceptions about Tesla Model 3 in Australia

Common Misconceptions

Charging Infrastructure

One common misconception about the Tesla Model 3 in Australia is that there is a lack of charging infrastructure to support electric vehicles. However, this is not entirely true.

  • Tesla has been actively expanding its Supercharger network across Australia, making it more convenient for Tesla owners to find charging stations.
  • Australia also has a growing network of other charging options, including public charging stations and home charging solutions.
  • Additionally, the Australian government offers incentives for installing home charging units, making it easier for Tesla owners to charge their vehicles at home.

Driving Range

Another misconception is that the driving range of the Tesla Model 3 is insufficient for long-distance travel in Australia. However, the Model 3 has a highly respectable range that can meet the needs of most drivers.

  • The Model 3 Standard Range Plus has an estimated range of 448 kilometers, while the Long Range variant can travel up to 620 kilometers on a single charge.
  • With the expansive network of Superchargers and other charging options, long-distance travel in Australia is entirely feasible.
  • Frequent software updates from Tesla also optimize the range and efficiency of the Model 3 over time.


Some people assume that the Tesla Model 3 is extremely expensive in Australia, making it unaffordable for the average consumer. However, the price of the Model 3 has become more competitive over time.

  • When the Model 3 was first introduced in Australia, it had a higher starting price. Since then, Tesla has introduced more affordable variants, such as the Standard Range Plus.
  • Australian government incentives and rebates for electric vehicles can also help offset the initial cost of purchasing a Model 3.
  • Furthermore, the long-term savings on fuel and maintenance expenses make the Model 3 a financially viable option for many Australians.


There is a misconception that the Tesla Model 3 is not readily available in Australia and that potential buyers may face long waiting times for delivery. However, Tesla has made efforts to improve availability in the country.

  • Tesla has a dedicated manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China, which has helped increase production capacity and meet global demand, including Australia.
  • The company also continuously works to streamline its production and delivery processes to reduce waiting times for customers.
  • Furthermore, there are Tesla showrooms and online ordering options available in Australia, making the purchase of a Model 3 relatively straightforward.

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The Tesla Model 3 has gained significant popularity in Australia since its introduction. This article provides various insights and data regarding the Tesla Model 3’s performance, market share, charging infrastructure, and more. Each table reveals fascinating details that highlight its impact in the Australian market.

Tesla Model 3 Market Share in Australia

The following table displays the market share of Tesla Model 3 compared to other electric vehicle models in Australia.

Electric Vehicle Model Market Share
Tesla Model 3 65%
Nissan Leaf 10%
Hyundai Kona Electric 8%
BMW i3 6%
Other Models 11%

Popularity of Tesla Model 3 by Region

This table showcases the regional distribution and popularity of the Tesla Model 3 amongst Australian states.

State Percentage of Tesla Model 3 Sales
New South Wales 32%
Victoria 28%
Queensland 17%
Western Australia 12%
South Australia 8%
Tasmania 3%

Charging Infrastructure Availability

This table depicts the count of charging stations available for Tesla Model 3 owners across different states in Australia.

State Number of Charging Stations
New South Wales 250
Victoria 215
Queensland 180
Western Australia 130
South Australia 95
Tasmania 40

Average Distance Driven on a Single Charge

The table below showcases the average distance covered by Tesla Model 3 on a single charge, based on various driving conditions.

Driving Condition Average Distance (in km)
City Driving 400
Highway Driving 520
Mixed Driving 450
Extreme Weather 350

Tesla Model 3 Price Range

The price range for different variants of the Tesla Model 3 is outlined in the following table.

Model Variant Price Range AUD
Standard Range Plus $62,900 – $73,000
Long Range $74,900 – $85,000
Performance $90,000 – $99,990

Tesla Model 3 Acceleration

The following table highlights the acceleration capabilities of different Tesla Model 3 variants (0-100 km/h).

Model Variant Acceleration (0-100 km/h)
Standard Range Plus 5.6 seconds
Long Range 4.4 seconds
Performance 3.3 seconds

Tesla Model 3 Total Sales in Australia

The total number of Tesla Model 3 units sold in Australia over the past three years is summarized below.

Year Total Units Sold
2019 8,500
2020 18,000
2021 (till date) 12,500

Charging Time for Tesla Model 3

This table illustrates the average time taken to recharge a Tesla Model 3 battery using various charging methods.

Charging Method Average Charging Time
Home Charging (Standard Outlet) 8-10 hours
Home Charging (Wall Connector) 5-7 hours
Supercharger Network 30-40 minutes


The Tesla Model 3 has experienced remarkable success in Australia with a dominant market share among electric vehicles. Its popularity spans across various regions, and the presence of extensive charging infrastructure further enhances its appeal. With notable acceleration, impressive driving range, and sales figures steadily on the rise, the Tesla Model 3 has solidified itself as a leading choice for electric vehicle enthusiasts in Australia.

Tesla Model 3 in Australia – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Tesla Model 3 in Australia

What is the price of a Tesla Model 3 in Australia?

The price of Tesla Model 3 in Australia starts at AUD 67,925 for the Standard Range Plus variant.

What is the range of a Tesla Model 3 in Australia?

The range of Tesla Model 3 in Australia varies depending on the variant. The Standard Range Plus has an estimated range of 409 kilometers, while the Long Range and Performance variants have an estimated range of 657 kilometers.

Where can I charge my Tesla Model 3 in Australia?

Tesla Model 3 can be charged at home using a standard electrical outlet or a dedicated home charger. There are also numerous public charging stations available across Australia, including Tesla Superchargers and third-party charging stations.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model 3 in Australia?

The charging time for Tesla Model 3 in Australia depends on the charging method. With a Tesla Supercharger, you can get up to 270 kilometers of range in just 30 minutes. Charging at home using a standard electrical outlet may take several hours.

Does the Tesla Model 3 come with Autopilot in Australia?

Yes, all Tesla Model 3 vehicles in Australia come standard with Autopilot, which includes features like Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Autosteer, and Auto Lane Change.

How fast is the Tesla Model 3 in Australia?

The top speed of Tesla Model 3 in Australia varies depending on the variant. The Standard Range Plus has a top speed of 225 km/h, while the Long Range and Performance variants can reach a top speed of 261 km/h.

What is the warranty for Tesla Model 3 in Australia?

Tesla Model 3 in Australia comes with a 4-year or 80,000-kilometer (whichever comes first) limited warranty on the vehicle, as well as an 8-year or unlimited-kilometer warranty on the battery and drive unit.

Are there any government incentives for buying a Tesla Model 3 in Australia?

Yes, there are several government incentives available for buying a Tesla Model 3 in Australia. These incentives include the Luxury Car Tax threshold exemption for electric vehicles, as well as various state-level incentives such as rebates, grants, and exemption from certain taxes.

What are the available color options for Tesla Model 3 in Australia?

Tesla Model 3 in Australia is available in several color options, including Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, Pearl White Multi-Coat, and Red Multi-Coat.

Can I order a right-hand drive version of Tesla Model 3 in Australia?

Yes, Tesla offers right-hand drive versions of Model 3 specifically for markets such as Australia. You can order a right-hand drive Tesla Model 3 in Australia through the official Tesla website or by visiting a Tesla store.