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Which Tesla Model S

Which Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is a premium electric sedan with different configurations and features to suit various needs. In this article, we will explore the available options and help you decide which Model S is the right fit for you.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tesla Model S comes in several variants, offering different ranges and performance levels.
  • Each Model S version includes advanced features like Autopilot and a touchscreen infotainment system.
  • Pricing for the Model S starts at $69,420.

Model S Options

The Model S lineup includes three main variants: the Long Range, Plaid, and Plaid+.

The Long Range version offers an impressive range of up to 405 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for long-distance driving. *With its sleek design and powerful electric motor, it combines efficiency with comfort.

The Plaid version takes performance to the next level, with a top speed of 200 mph and an acceleration of 0-60 mph in just under 2 seconds. *Its cutting-edge technology and sporty design make it a thrill to drive.

The upcoming Plaid+ variant boasts a staggering range of over 520 miles on a single charge while maintaining exceptional performance. *Its advanced battery technology pushes the boundaries of what’s possible for electric vehicles.

Model S Features

  • Autopilot: All Model S versions come standard with Tesla’s Autopilot system, offering advanced driver-assistance features.
  • Touchscreen Infotainment: The Model S features a large touchscreen infotainment system, providing easy access to controls and entertainment options.
  • Supercharging Network: Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network allows for fast and convenient charging during long trips.

Comparing Model S Versions

Variant Range Acceleration Top Speed Starting Price
Long Range Up to 405 miles 3.1 seconds (0-60 mph) 155 mph $69,420
Plaid 390 miles* 1.99 seconds (0-60 mph) 200 mph $89,990
Plaid+ Over 520 miles* Under 1.99 seconds (0-60 mph) 200+ mph To be announced

Choosing the Right Model S

When deciding which Model S is best for you, consider factors such as your driving habits, desired range, and budget. If you prioritize long-distance travel, the Long Range version with its extended range may be the ideal choice. *For performance enthusiasts seeking exhilarating acceleration and top speeds, the Plaid or upcoming Plaid+ versions offer unmatched performance capabilities.

Furthermore, it’s important to evaluate the features included in each variant and determine which are essential for your needs. The Model S gives you the flexibility to customize your vehicle to fit your preferences.


The Tesla Model S presents a range of options to cater to different preferences and requirements. Whether you prioritize range, performance, or advanced features, there is a Model S variant that will suit you. Explore the options and make an informed decision to experience the future of electric driving.

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Common Misconceptions

Tesla Model S

There are several common misconceptions that people have about the Tesla Model S. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

1. Limited Range

  • The Tesla Model S actually has an impressive range of up to 370 miles on a single charge.
  • With the Supercharger network, Tesla Model S owners have access to thousands of charging stations nationwide, making long-distance travel convenient.
  • Electric vehicle technology has significantly improved, allowing for longer ranges and eliminating the fear of running out of power during a journey.

2. Expensive Maintenance

  • Contrary to popular belief, maintaining a Tesla Model S is not significantly more expensive than maintaining a traditional gasoline-powered car.
  • Since electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, they require less maintenance and have lower repair costs.
  • Tesla offers annual service plans that cover routine maintenance tasks, ensuring your vehicle stays in optimal condition.

3. Lack of Charging Infrastructure

  • While charging infrastructure may not be as widely available as gasoline stations, it is steadily growing and improving.
  • Public charging stations can be found in many urban areas, shopping centers, and even along major highways.
  • Additionally, charging at home is a common and convenient practice for Tesla Model S owners, thanks to the availability of residential charging solutions.

4. Limited Performance

  • The Tesla Model S is known for its impressive acceleration and speed. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 2.3 seconds, rivaling some of the fastest sports cars.
  • Electric motors provide instant torque, resulting in quick acceleration and smooth handling.
  • Regenerative braking technology also enhances performance by efficiently converting the vehicle’s kinetic energy into usable electrical energy.

5. Short Battery Lifespan

  • Tesla Model S batteries are designed to be highly durable and long-lasting.
  • With regular software updates and ongoing advancements in battery technology, Tesla is continually improving the lifespan of their batteries.
  • The company provides an 8-year warranty with unlimited miles on the battery and drive unit, alleviating concerns about premature battery failure.
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Tesla Model S Performance

The Tesla Model S offers impressive performance with a variety of options for discerning drivers. This table outlines the top speed, acceleration, and range for each available Model S version.

| Model | Top Speed (mph) | 0-60 mph Acceleration (seconds) | Range (miles) |
| Plaid+ | 200+ | <2.0 | 520+ | | Plaid | 200+ | <2.0 | 390+ | | Performance | 163 | 2.4 | 387 | | Long Range | 155 | 3.1 | 405 | | Standard Plus| 140 | 4.2 | 412 |

Tesla Model S Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for Tesla, and the Model S comes equipped with a range of cutting-edge safety technologies. This table showcases some key safety features available in the Model S.

| Feature | Description |
| Autopilot | Advanced driver assistance system that offers adaptive cruise control and auto-steer. |
| Emergency Braking | Automatically applies brakes to help mitigate or avoid collisions with other vehicles. |
| Collision Avoidance | Uses sensors and cameras to detect potential collisions and applies brakes if necessary. |
| Lane Departure Warning | Alerts the driver if the vehicle unintentionally drifts out of the designated lane. |
| Blind Spot Monitoring | Warns the driver of vehicles in the blind spot through visual indicators or audio signals. |
| Forward Collision Warning| Provides alerts if the vehicle detects a potential collision with another vehicle. |

Tesla Model S Battery Options

One of the key considerations for potential Tesla Model S buyers is the battery range. This table highlights the battery options and their estimated ranges.

| Battery Option | Estimated Range (miles) |
| 75 kWh | 394 |
| 100 kWh | 409 |
| Plaid+ | 520+ |

Tesla Model S Charging Times

Charging convenience is an important factor for electric vehicle owners. This table showcases the charging times for the different Tesla Model S battery options.

| Battery Option | Supercharger (15-80% charge) | Wall Connector (0-100% charge) |
| 75 kWh | 20 minutes | 8.5 hours |
| 100 kWh | 25 minutes | 11 hours |
| Plaid+ | 30 minutes | 12 hours |

Tesla Model S Interior Features

The Tesla Model S offers a luxurious and technologically advanced interior. This table highlights some of the standout interior features available in the Model S.

| Feature | Description |
| Premium Sound | High-fidelity sound system with 22 speakers and active noise cancellation. |
| HEPA Filtration | Bioweapon Defense Mode with medical-grade air filtration to protect occupants from harmful particles. |
| Ultra White Seats | Premium vegan synthetic leather seats that are stain-resistant and comfortable. |
| Panoramic Roof | A glass roof that spans from the front windshield to the rear window providing expansive views. |
| 17-Inch Display | A large touchscreen display that controls various vehicle features and settings. |

Tesla Model S Dimensions

The Model S has sleek proportions that contribute to its overall aesthetic and aerodynamic efficiency. This table provides key dimensions to give an idea of the car’s size.

| Dimension | Measurement (inches) |
| Length | 196.0 |
| Width (including mirrors)| 84.8 |
| Width (excluding mirrors)| 77.3 |
| Height | 56.9 |
| Wheelbase | 116.5 |

Tesla Model S Price Comparison (2022 Models)

Price can be a significant factor in the decision-making process when purchasing a Tesla Model S. This table compares the starting prices of the different 2022 Model S variations.

| Model | Starting Price (USD) |
| Plaid+ | $139,990 |
| Plaid | $119,990 |
| Performance | $99,990 |
| Long Range | $89,990 |
| Standard Plus| $79,990 |

Tesla Model S Unique Features

The Tesla Model S offers several unique features that set it apart from other electric vehicles in the market. This table highlights some of those distinctive characteristics.

| Feature | Description |
| Bioweapon Defense Mode | Air filtration system capable of removing pollen, bacteria, and even some viruses from the air.|
| Ludicrous Mode | Acceleration mode that enables lightning-fast acceleration, making the Model S incredibly quick.|
| Over-The-Air Updates | Regular software updates that enhance the vehicle’s performance, features, and functionality. |
| Full Self-Driving (FSD) | Advanced autonomous driving technology that aims to enable fully autonomous driving in the future. |
| High-Speed Charging | Supercharger network provides fast and convenient recharging capabilities for long-distance trips.|

Tesla Model S Warranty Coverage

Peace of mind is assured with Tesla’s comprehensive warranty coverage for the Model S. This table highlights the warranty terms for various components.

| Component | Warranty Coverage (years/miles) |
| Vehicle | 4 / 50,000 |
| Battery and Drive Unit | 8 / 150,000 |
| Body Rust | 12 / Unlimited |
| Various Parts | 4 / 50,000 |
| High Voltage System | 8 / 150,000 |

In conclusion, the Tesla Model S presents an impressive range of performance, safety features, battery options, and interior amenities. With its cutting-edge technology, attention to detail, and luxurious design, the Model S continues to be a top choice for electric vehicle enthusiasts. Whether it’s the powerful Plaid+ variant, the safety-enhancing Autopilot, or the state-of-the-art infotainment system, Tesla’s flagship sedan delivers an extraordinary driving experience.

Tesla Model S – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Tesla Model S

Question 1

What is the range of the Tesla Model S?

The range of the Tesla Model S varies depending on the battery configuration. The Long Range model has an estimated range of around 412 miles, while the Plaid model has an estimated range of around 390 miles.

Question 2

How fast can the Tesla Model S accelerate?

The Tesla Model S Plaid is one of the fastest production cars in the world, capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in under 2 seconds. It has a top speed of 200 mph.

Question 3

Can I charge my Tesla Model S at home?

Yes, you can charge your Tesla Model S at home using a home charging station. Tesla provides a range of charging options, including the Wall Connector, which can be installed in your garage or at your parking spot.

Question 4

How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model S?

The charging time for a Tesla Model S depends on the type of charger used. With a Tesla Supercharger, you can charge from 10% to 80% in approximately 30 minutes. When charging at home with a regular Level 2 charger, it can take several hours to fully charge the battery.

Question 5

Can I use other electric vehicle chargers for my Tesla Model S?

Yes, the Tesla Model S is compatible with other electric vehicle chargers, such as those using the CCS or CHAdeMO standards. However, using a Tesla Supercharger or a Tesla Wall Connector will provide the fastest charging speed and best overall experience.

Question 6

What is the seating capacity of the Tesla Model S?

The Tesla Model S can comfortably seat up to 5 adults, with an optional seating configuration available to accommodate up to 7 passengers.

Question 7

Does the Tesla Model S have autopilot capabilities?

Yes, the Tesla Model S comes equipped with Autopilot, a suite of advanced driver-assistance features that allow for semi-autonomous driving. This includes features such as traffic-aware cruise control, autosteer, and automatic lane changes.

Question 8

What safety features are included in the Tesla Model S?

The Tesla Model S includes a range of safety features, including adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and lane departure warning. It also features a reinforced battery pack for added protection.

Question 9

Is the Tesla Model S all-wheel drive?

Yes, all versions of the Tesla Model S come standard with dual motor all-wheel drive. This provides enhanced traction and stability, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Question 10

What is the starting price of the Tesla Model S?

As of the most recent update, the starting price of the Tesla Model S is $79,990 for the Long Range variant. The Plaid variant starts at $119,990.